Do you want to Live off The L Train?

By Robert Earl

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Our new office is located in Bushwick off the Jefferson L stop at 49 Wyckoff Avenue.   And I actually live off of the Halsey Stop.   Bushwick has become a hot-bed for investment lately.   No doubt why either.   The creative vibe of the neighborhoods is cool and laid back.  Creative office spaces are opening from Williamsburg to the Halsey stop and beyond.   New restaurants , cafes, bars and mom & Pop shops are opening off each stop giving each neighborhood a different vibe.   The galleries, the  art studios and boutique shops are some of the best in the city.   From the Bedford  stop to the Halsey Stop we know the neighborhoods.  Check out our PINTEREST boards for neighborhoods along the L Train:

For more information on Living off the L train and availability click link below:

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