Game Night at Your House

Game Night at Your House

  Don’t miss out on this hip townhouse style duplex with a game room.   This home is 1204 sf with a front yard.  Check out the video walk through of this new listing in Hip East Williamsburg.  If you are looking for a lot of space at $975 per sf  (The average price per […]

Time to Grill on the terrace. Check out these awesome patios and terraces in Brooklyn

Crank up the GRILL!  Summer is coming.  Checkout these terraces at the new 14 unit condo development in Hip East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The address is 179 Woodpoint Road.  Checkout the pricing and availability on their cool website. UNIT #5A – 2BR with a 329sf private roof terrace.  Purchase Price: $1,195,000.  This includes a phenomenal […]


SUMMER IS COMING… TIME TO FIRE UP THE GRILL.   INVITE OVER SOME FRIENDS ON YOUR NEW PRIVATE TERRACE. Private roof top terrace on the Penthouse @ 179 Woodpoint Road in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This new condo building is opening MAY 5th, 2016.  For more info: Send an email to Here is your menu […]

Ridgewood,Queens: Affordable COOL LOFTS @ 494 Seneca Avenue

Ridgewood is a cool place to live.   A solid community with lots of diversity. More and more people are finding out how cool and affordable the Ridgewood ,Queens.  New residential projects are popping up all over the neighborhood as well as lots of the old Romanesque 6-families being renovated. The NYTIMES just had a […]

Top 10 Reasons to LIVE in BUSHWICK…

  The cool laid back VIBE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES : Young entrepreneurs are opening small Mom & Pop shops and cafe’s and restaurants and bars.   Retail Brick & Mortar prices are cheaper here.   IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA OR NEW CONCEPT…OPEN IN BUSHWICK! The ART & CULTURE.  The Street Art  is phenomenal.   Come […]

BUSHWICK…Wish You Lived Here.

    Many young families are finding their new HOME in Bushwick, Brooklyn.     A smart investment…as the market is surging right now.    A big trend now is young couples that bought a one bedroom condo during the last development boom and now instead of buying a two bedroom condo… for the same […]

Live IN Bushwick

Bushwick is the place to Live & Work.   If you are an entrepreneur with an idea , an experienced restauranteur, or just want to start your own business, Bushwick is the place to be.  New Mom & Pop shops and cafes, and bars are popping up all over Bushwick.  Join the Bushwick renaissance.   […]

The “Domino” Effect. Investing in South Williamsburg

Have you been to SOUTH Williamsburg lately?   New cafe’s and restaurants are popping up all over the neighborhood.  The OOSTEN project is underway and selling quickly.  Schaefer’s landing is on the radar for buyers.  I remember a few years ago it was near impossible to get buyers that far south.  Now it is the […]


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