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The “Domino” Effect. Investing in South Williamsburg

Have you been to SOUTH Williamsburg lately?   New cafe’s and restaurants are popping up all over the neighborhood.  The OOSTEN project is underway and selling quickly.  Schaefer’s landing is on the radar for buyers.  I remember a few years ago it was near impossible to get buyers that far south.  Now it is the […]

A simple but elegant glass pendant with an Edison bulb gives the kitchen a new vibe.  Cost: $80

Prepping your apartment for Selling. Part 1: LIGHTING

Lighting is a key element in any design. In this staging project we wanted to make the kitchen stand out. It is a beautiful open layout great for cooking and entertaining. The pendant light was all wrong and did nothing to accentuate the vibe of the apartment. For an $80 investment we purchased a simple […]

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What does SELL, PROFIT, BUY, REPEAT mean?

Buying in a new development can be very profitable. Anyone who bought during the last development boom has nearly doubled his or her investment. The development boom is cyclical. Old buildings are tore down to build new modern structures.   The cycle usually runs every 10 years. New York City and the outer-boroughs are seeing another […]


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