Crown Heights

Neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York

Crown Heights is a neighborhood in the central portion of Brooklyn. The main thoroughfare is Eastern Parkway, a beautiful tree-lined boulevard designed by Frederick Law Olmstead extending 2 miles east-west. Originally the neighborhood was called Crow Hill. Crown Heights is bound by Washington Avenue to the west, Atlantic Avenue to the north, Ralph Avenue to the east, and East New York Avenue to the South.

In the Early 1900’s, beautiful brownstone buildings were built lining Eastern Parkway and Streets like Dean Street. Many of these homes are being renovated to their original grandeur.

Crown Heights is an amazing investment as surrounding neighborhoods have experienced a renaissance with new buildings and modern renovations on the townhouses.

New creative markets like the Berg’n have opened on Bergen Street and new creative workspaces have popped up and there has been a surge of new mom & pop cafes and restaurants opening. Crown Heights is definitely a neighborhood that should be on everyone’s radar.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY. United States

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